Monday, October 8, 2012

Activists Argue TriMet's Cuts Are Unneeded—And Discriminatory : Portland

Activists Argue TriMet's Cuts Are Unneeded—And Discriminatory : Portland

TRIMET has created its own predicament!
Does anybody here actually think that you can continually EXPAND your services FOREVER?
The HUGE LUMBERING bureaucracy with hundreds of people employed in positions that have nothing to do with transit has no impact?
Trimet executives have intentionally created this crisis.
WHY did they choose to DOUBLE the contingency budget right now!
The cuts they predicted NEVER HAPPENED!
Trimet executives are liars and the board of sock puppets is useless

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I think your ridership chart may be wrong.
For example your chart shows a sharp drop in bus ridership between the last two years, the the trimet chart shows no such drop:

You have nave made no mention in the body of your article of the sparwling bureacracy that has bloomed in the last ten years, layer upon layer of managment, a HUGE IT department, and lumbering CAPITAL PROJECTS division.
You left out the recent hiring of overly compensated executives that Mr Mcfarlane keeps adding.
You left out that there are more people working in Portland today paying into this system than 10 years ago, recession included.
You left out that the incompetence of this management that thinks it can keep adding and adding and adding FOREVER, without consequence.
You left out the part where Trimet operators have given up raises (which is why we are among the lowest paid on the west coast) so that we could get decent health coverage.
Other than that, its a pretty good article

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I advocate the complete dismemberment of the sprawling inefficient bureaucracy that has become Trimet, with its army of middle managers and overpaid executives.

I advocate sensible management which simply means if your broke you become thrifty. We have a management that does everything contrary to prudent fiscal restraints.

I advocate turning Trimet back into a transit agency and leaving the land use planning to somebody else.

Not enough people are using it because its widely inefficient, uncomfortable, and not that reliable, especially if you travel off commute hours.

Everything the planners have done have destroyed ridership, they are lucky only that they have a captive ridership with the transit dependent and downtown Portland which requires huge parking fees to park.

The only reason ridership is increasing is because of economics,as in gas is expensive.

It's like saying "everyone is moving to Portland because its so cool"


The reason people are moving to Portland is because its cheap compared to the other West Coast cities.

Everything that happens around us is the result of money, everything that happens in the world now is the result of money.

Big money interests have stolen Trimet away from transit riders and turned it into some sort of property development agency.

It's sickening.