Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{“This is one of those ‘lessons learned,’ ” said Steve Banta, the regional transit agency’s executive director of operations.}

Some of you folks may have already forgotten that we had a similar storm in 2004. That was when the lesson's were supposed to be learned.

We have a similar line (we will conduct a formal "lessons learned") from FRED HANSEN himself in his WES debacle.

FRED, you've had 11 years to learn your lessons.

If you haven't learned them by now your never going to learn them.


There is no accountability and perhaps TRIMET can continue in its bumbling ways.

We have a bumbling Governor who is supposed to be in charge of these things, all he is interested in is giving himself a raise and raising our fees to pay for it.

TRIMET puts all its eggs into rail, then rail fails and bus bails it out.

What's wrong with that picture?
"All of the big companies that inhabited Downtown Portland like Willamette Industries, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, Hyster, Evans Products, Albina Fuel, Columbia Sportswear, KPTV/KPDX, US Bank Operations Center, Bank of Hong Kong and even Pamplin Media Group have left the City of Portland in the last 20 years"

~~>MARK-they are not just leaving Portland, THEY HAVE LEFT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

"You don't have to look very far for a source that operating costs for light rail are lower than buses."

~~~>Your not including the capital costs to put the thing in of course!

"Railcars may last a little longer, but they cost ten times as much to buy. And rail maintenance is far more expensive, whereas buses share the cost of road maintenance with autos and trucks."

~~~>There ya go, thank you!

"To "just some facts", I have noticed that "al m" doesn't pay attention to facts--he just enjoys spouting his frequently uninformed opinion."

~~~>Thank you Jane, I always enjoy the wonderful compliments that I get over at this blog! Please, continue showering me with them! I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where is Ms Ruiz's resume?

Let's take a look at it!


Glad to see that SAM is no different than George Bush in how he appoints people to his administration.

Can WW please get a copy of the job description for this City of Portland Pork Barrel position!

They can't fix the pot holes or plow the snow but they can fund garbage like this.


The official "line" is this, Crc was the only manufacturer that could meet the federal specs.

Of course Fred coulda applied for a waiver to some of the specs, but that would have taken time.

Fred wanted his train and was willing to do anything to get it.

It's tax money, so who cares right?

We don't see this just at TRIMET, we see it at all levels of government.

These bureaucrats take take take like they own America.

And they do, since there aint s**t we can do about it.

Its a freaking disgrace. Look at Kulingowski, gives himself a $30k raise then decides they don't have enough money so he raises our fees.

Now Fred says this to his employees:

"First, I am asking for a 5% reduction in continuing expenses in both service and division budgets."

He has just spent millions on an untested peak service only commuter train, but he now wants to cut everything else.


And trying to blame it on the retirees is just not gonna wash!

""Did he hit him with or without the "hot wax" option?""

What a crack up!

Tragic story however. The pathetic robber who must be So low down on his luck that he tried this silly robbery.

And then the poor attendant ends up in jail himself;

"When he was released from jail Monday night, Truax still was wearing his bright orange Washman winter hat, orange work shirt and blue Washman coat."


OH BOY, we are all in for big trouble in little Portland.
In case y'all forgotten, the "city that works" had no money to fix the potholes, remember?
What is going to happen next summer when all the plowing and chains becomes one huge mess of potholes on our streets?

Maybe we have to shut off the public toilet for now and get rid if some of these "sustainability" management personnel and use that money for roads.

Nah, Sam will just come begging to the citizens for another tax increase.

And Portlander's will probably give it to him!

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Happy with himself and just a happy person are two different things. Do you know Al ? I do. Al would give you the shirt of his back."

~~>Hmmm...? Interesting comment!

"1. It helps to be slightly out of whack to work for TriMet.2. PGE workers have a God complex."

~~>What a great post! LOVE IT!

"Some people make me think the human race needs thinning."

~~>Uh huh, whatever.

"Beer trucks,park where they should not as well as many other delivery trucks. You don't get a free pass for your company's needs. Armored trucks park illegally almost all of the time."

~~>He's right ya know!

"You would be one of those drivers that like to come to close and send a message,I see it all the time."

~~~> Uh? Hmm? Could you please define "one of THOSE drivers?"

Gee, these blogs entries have gotten sorta weird since last I visited this page.

There is a lot of ANTI TRIMET bias on this blog, there always has been, always will be, no big deal.

People are entitled to their opinions, no matter how crazy, off target, or just weird they are.


and I have immortalized him in my hall of the insane:

Friday, December 26, 2008

"I'm not here to make any excuses," Adams said. But he noted that the city had a small fleet of about 50 snowplows -- compared with 92 in Spokane, which is about half the size of Portland."

~~>What does this tell you about Portland Government?

"My hope is that we will be able to find the resources to cover this cost with the revenues we do have," he said."

~~>Don't come running to the public for your lame public policy planning, ITS MISMANAGEMENT as usual.

"The let-it-thaw approach does not extend to residents who still are obligated by city ordinance to clear their sidewalks"

~~>Its quite something to observe how good our beloved city government is at telling us what to do but at the same time THEY HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY!


~~>Gone fishing obviously. Why did he even run for mayor I wonder?

"Sub it out to small businesses which need a boost anyway."


"Why doesn't Adams propose to spend the city's $2Million and buy Portlanders shovels. Or, Portland could recycle our old yellow recycling bins--just slap a handle on them and melt the 1 million or so bins we all now have in our garages"

~~~>LOL!!!!!LOL!!!! To funnyyyyyyyyyyy!

It's just bad public planning, pure and simple.

Portland's got all kinds of fluffy programs that cost millions of dollars but nothing for the real stuff:


(but the tram and the streetcar were moving, mobility for the rich in the pearl and the doctors/administrators/etc at the hospital

It's Portland don't forget.

I'm sure there is a new tax headed our way.

It's probably not much different anywhere.

Government works for itself, not for the people, and we see this over and over and over.

What is it gonna take for Americans to rise up and say:


Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Cancel all those "pet projects" that you have had brewing for years. The "bridge over nothing", the "Hotel Eastside", the "Streetcar for the Rich but doesn't move people"..."

~~>Amen brother Amen, says it all! They don't have the equipment cause they want other things in this city.

"All the bike boxes were plowed and sanded, as were the streets in front of the illegal alien day-labor center and the world's most expensive porta-potty. Hats off to Randy and the mayor!"

~~>nah, that's not true is it? Nah, can't be right?

"We dont salt because we dont want to hurt the salmon lol???????????? In the meantime the next major rain storm there will be turds floating the willamette and you better stay away for a couple days due to the overflow."

~~>WHAT A GREAT COMMENT!!! LOL!!!LOL!!! Aint it da truth!

"Portland is the perfect example of a left-wing city that literally taxes the hell out of you while you get virtually nothing for your "contribution to society."

~~~>There is quite a bit of truth in that statement.

"For supposed right-wing conservatives, a group that used to be known for a "take care of yourself" and "anti-big-government" attitude, you sure have become a bunch of "entitlement" whiners. Shame on you. Pull up your bootstraps and grab a shovel like the rest of us."


"It resembles charity that spends 99% on the administration expenses and only 1% goes to the poor. "


TRIMET does a great disservice to the public by not making it clear that YOUR BUS MIGHT NOT SHOW UP AT ALL! "Expect 30 minute delays" is not the appropriate language to be putting out on the media.

TRIMET is not reponsible for the poorly maintained roads and can't be blamed for the bus service breaking down.

The City of Portland is inept at handling routine infrastructure problems, but great at throwing money at pork barrel project that serve only a select few of the population.

Hell Portland can't even fix the potholes, what makes you think they are capable of plowing the streets.

One of the more notorious reporters AMY RUIZ, just got appointed to Sam Adams staff as: STRATEGIC PLANNING AND SUSTAINABILITY POLICY ADVISOR.

Probably pays 85K with full benefits, retirement, etc.

Portland concentrates on the stuff that nobobdy actually needs.

King Luis put it the best; LET EM EAT CAKE. (we all know what happened to King Luis).

It would have been an obvious solution to PLOW ALL THE ROADS THAT THE BUSES USE.

Why they didnt do that?

Who knows.

They probably don't talk to each other.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"The team that should be called onto the carpet are the road crew mgmt."

~~>This is where the failure is, road's are NOT PASSABLE!

"It's fine to cancel the yellow and red line, but then run extra trains on the blue line to make them come every 5 minutes. Otherwise every train is packed to the brim and I have to wait two trains before getting on."

~~>Very good points. Can't really argue against any of the issues brought up in this post.

"Look deep into the financials of mass transit. It's a constant plot to expand and raise fares with no regard for the general public."

~~>RIGHT, it's a massive conspiracy to bilk the tax payers out of their money, along the same lines as the conspiracy to make American's think that OSWALD killed Kennedy! GIMME A BREAK WILL YA?

"Lest we forget that Tri-Met is run by Metro and Metro answers to no one except the voters!!"

~~>Incorrect, TRIMET does not answer to the METRO, but to the state legislature and the governor

The freezing switch problems are the only real failure of TRIMET.
That problem was supposed to be solved during that last storm several years ago.
As we all can see it WAS NOT SOLVED.



That is a road maintenance failure!

Now why don't the road crews make sure that the bus routes are passable before anything else?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Randy hero until all this started.. draws his salary as an elected official and 48K from the fire fighters disability fund. That's 150K a year"

~~>Wait a minute, how is it that Leonard can draw disability when he is working? I thought disability meant that YOU CANNOT WORK? What?

"I remember a couple years ago there were two married inspectors who would condemn houses , kick the owners out and then buy them cheaply for re-sale. Nothing was done to the crooks!"

~~>I remember that story! What ever happened to those two crooks? Don't tell me they still work for the "city that works"!

Hahaha, what a joke!

"When I pointed this out to the Tri-Met flunky onboard he replied, "Well, that's the way they talk these days" and walked away."

~~>I don't suppose you've heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH? And I got news for you, that is the way people talk nowadays, FLUNKY!


~~>That was funny!

"Man. There are some seriously disturbed people who comment on these articles."

~~>LOL!!!LOL!!! You noticed that did you!! LOL!!!LOL!!!

"If they are not essential,
why are we hiring them to work in the first place?"

~~> Ya know what? YOUR RIGHT!

"OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD not here for Jet Ranger 1, Jet Ranger 2, ad nauseum Storm Tracker Artic Blast 2008 Reports,,,,,,etc etc etc"

~~> LOL!! hahaha..........

"We used to rely upon ourselves, not government, and we were better off."

~~>Mark is the only right winger around here that makes any sense


Soo we are having another hate fest at the TRIBUNE BLOG.
Sure its disgraceful, I agree.
But is it any different than the Federal Government?
Or the State Government?
Or the private sector, as in the Savings and Loans?
Or the American auto industry?
Or Enron?


And as much as I can't stomach the majority of posters to this blog, I do have to admit, the TRIBUNE BLOG is the most entertaining blog in Portland!

I don't want to be a spoil sport here since the street car did come through in this particular emergency.

Of course there are plenty of scenarios that would knock the streetcar COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BALLPARK!

But what I am trying to say is the buses WOULD HAVE RUN FINE IF THE STREETS WERE CLEARED!

So why were the [expletive deleted] streets not clear?

Because the CITY OF PORTLAND (and Washington County) does not prioritize this in their budget!

The streets were not cleared for the same [expletive deleted] reason that the pot holes are not filled!

This sort of management has to stop. It's inexcusable.

The mismanagement is rampant among all of our governmental agencies and gives ADRON HALLS free market theory much credibility!

"Anyways, stranger still, was that TWO bus 20s arrived less than a minute later. 20 miles in 1 minute? Thats like 1,200 miles per hour! Nice, Trimet!"

Yea, that was strange the way the transit tracker was telling us how far away the bus was in miles?

I know one thing about using TRIMET in these conditions.

Buses ARE NOT reliable.

Stick with the max and use your feet for the rest.

Luckily I live within walking distance of the max.

Max service ALWAYS TAKES PRIORITY over the buses.

You see this played out during these kind of events.

Buses have a tendency to NEVER SHOW UP!

"He has no problem making PUBLIC comments about the WES system, but where is he about the BUS system? "

~~~Funny you should ask that because I just saw Fred up on 21st Avenue today around 1pm!
I'm 90% sure it was him! So what's he doing? I presume he is "on vacation".

"WES should have been abandoned."

~~>I agree, it should never have been started. Now we hear from Fred the following;

""First, I am asking for a 5% reduction in continuing expenses in both service and division budgets. This would result in a savings of approximately $11 million.
Second, we will lengthen the pension funding to soften the impact of recent market losses for a $7.7 million annual savings.""

So Fred has started new "rush hour" service while he can't even keep what we have going!

"62% of riders use both Bus and MAX, 23% are MAX-Only, and 15% are Bus-Only."

~~~I gotta tell ya, as someone who has followed Trimet news for quite awhile now, I am suspicious of Trimet statistics. Has there ever been an independent audit of the statistics Trimet provides?

FRED wants to cut existing service while starting new service.


Fred is following the Corporate line right now. Blame everything on the stock market, can a bunch of your low level employees, then do whatever he wants with the bailout money.

How long are American's going to stand for this?
This is mismanagement of the first degree.

Yea on the second part of your question.

Come up to NW 23rd and you'll see plenty of clear sidewalks.

Big modern city? HA! You gotta be joking.
It doesn't snow in Portland, didn't ya know that?

Friday, December 19, 2008

WOW, that's quite an explanation.

Obviously "cwherewetku" must work in TRIMET operations.

As a TRIMET operator myself I can tell you that virtually all of us operators really strive to do the best we can during this sort of event and provide the best service possible.

The public needs to be prepared and dressed PROPERLY!

You could be out there a long long time.

Buses break down, buses get stuck, things don't go smoothly.


Virtually all bus drivers WILL STOP FOR YOU if possible if you signal you want the bus!

Think that the bus IS NOT COMING, don't let other people take responsibility for you!

Take care of yourself!

WOW, that's quite an explanation.

Obviously "cwherewetku" must work in TRIMET operations.

As a TRIMET operator myself I can tell you that virtually all of us operators really strive to do the best we can during this sort of event and provide the best service possible.

The public needs to be prepared and dressed PROPERLY!

You could be out there a long long time.

Buses break down, buses get stuck, things don't go smoothly.


Virtually all bus drivers WILL STOP FOR YOU if possible if you signal you want the bus!

Think that the bus IS NOT COMING, don't let other people take responsibility for you!

Take care of yourself!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I hope that people realize that when Jason made the comment about management being "morons" that it was an off handed comment made during a stressful situation and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Some people have more problems with the management than others.

I happen to be a TRIMET bus driver and don't share that sentiment.

Compared to the last big storm we had several years ago, things are running exceptionally smoothly, so there were lessons learned over the years!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This was a major blunder, without doubt.

But to buy into the anti Trimet, anti Government rhetoric spewed around the internet by the folks who make such statements as;

"Tri-Met has been a massive, costly failure by virtually every measure"

is so absurdly ridiculous as to be comic.

The Trimet system is WORLD RENOWNED, and not because it is a massive costly failure.

The buses are packed, the Max is packed, so take your anti Trimet soapbox and get a real life.

Monday, December 15, 2008

“Light rail is about wasting taxpayers money”

~~~>oh come on mr “””””,


so they sit around the table all the big shots and say,

‘hmm, what can we think of next in order to waste the tax payers money eh?’


“It's being forced upon us by government.”

~~>You mean like the war in Iraq, which of course makes the light rail debate moot in terms of $$$$.


“I would support rail, if it was self supporting, but it is not.”

~~>And highways are self supporting? GIMME A BREAK!


“I think alot of the comment writers here are actually libertarians who have a grudge against light rail and just about any other public investment, save for roads”

~~>I guess you figured that out did ya? Doesn’t take long to see where these folks are at.

Anything that helps the public they hate.


“only 5 % of the Metro (greater Portland) area use transit. That is pretty poor, back in the 1960's Around 20 % used Rose city transit in their operating area.”

~~PATHETIC, COMPLETELY PATHETIC, go out sometimes and look at the buses and trains around 5pm weekdays. Stop living in your world blinded by your own ideology.


“If there is any increase in taxes, they should go to schools, police and fire and social services,not diverted to Light Rail. Especially in times like we are in today.”

~~>Same old gibberish from the same old clucking chickens of the Portland Tribune blog. Anything that helps the public, FORGET IT!


“TriMet needs to live within it's means like the rest of us do!”

~~>Oh I see, like the federal government that just prints money whenever it needs it, or Enron, just cook the books, or how bout the crooks in the savings and loan industry.



“Urban Renewal takes money that would have gone to Schools, Police, Fire and Social services and diverts it to Projects like Light Rail”

~~>HEY  ******* [word censored by Tribune] , transit is a form of social service, DUH?


“Light rail has proven over 29n years to not to reduce congestion.Not to attrack business or development.Not to be sustainable.”

~~>YAWN, what’s your answer smart guy? Build more roads? Do nothing? SHEESH, and you call yourself educated?




All they can do is blog their idiotic point of view, because basically nobody agrees with them.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yea, but the property owners along the line are going to reap HUGE BENEFITS in the value of their properties!

And that was all this light rail is really about, property value and economic development, not transit.

(cars are doomed by the way, public planning to along the lines of increased automobiles is worse than light rail)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You sure have a lot of faith in the so called "market".

Even with all this going on right now, obvious failures of the "market".

And guess who is bailing your beloved "market"?

That's right old buddy,


Socialism saves capitalism, again.

Markets are great when it comes to things like ma and pa stores. (destroyed by Walmart, hey it’s a free market)

But capitalism is founded on one of the worst of human traits, GREED!

And when greed is in control you have things like SLAVERY, POVERTY WAGES, NO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS, and on and on.

BTW- I agree with you on the congestion pricing nonsense.

I WOULD NOT own a car if not for my job.

I live in NW Portland and everything is within walking distance and if you need to get somewhere transit from here is EXCELLENT.

As a matter of fact I didn’t use a car for years relying strictly on transit to get to work (at the transit) until one day I got sick and decided to drive.

I got home an hour earlier than usual that night which lead me to arrive at the following conclusion.

What the hell kind of idiot am I? I could be getting home an hour earlier? Hell with this green nonsense.

I never took transit again to and from work. It’s been about 3 years now. I had been relying on transit exclusively for about 6 years till then.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cheers for commentators:

"Centennial Neighbor"


"Bill loves it"





BOO’S for commentators;

"truthspeaker" [interesting choice of a blog title, given the word seems to mean so little to you]

"aloycius" [ a very large hiss for you]

"Chris McMullen"[the free market has worked extremely well don’t you agree, just think, without the unions you could still employ ten year olds for $1 a day]

"UB" [is there some particular reason you write in a comic book style, perhaps to make your already ludicrous and funny comments even funnier?]

"Sizemore Fan" [no additional comment needed]

"Chris "[must be related to chris mullen]


Good riddance Sizemore the opportunist. Reminds me of Jim and Tammy Baker, anything for a buck.

Sizemore as a true blue American, found a cause and turned it into his own personal goldmine.

Never for a minute did he care about the principle of the thing, he just cared about the money.

"Public restrooms are a requirement for a city that touts its "friendliness" to not only tourists, but residents as well."

~~~~>Wholeheartedly agree!

"We are not friendly to business....PERIOD!"

~~~>I got news for you, during my morning read through the various internet publications I enjoy, (Tribune of course included) there was an article stating JUST THE OPPOSITE! 65% of businesses stated that they think Portland is a great place to do business.

Well, its always so much fun reading the commentators on the Tribune blog.
So much disgust for everything Portland is, yet they stay, how come?
Why do y'all continue to live here when there is so much about it you hate?

Yes the toilet was overpriced, but so are military toilet seats and useless experimental aircraft.
You folks always pick on ANYTHING THAT HELPS THE PUBLIC.

Instead of TRIMET its TOILETS.

The comments on this blog DO NOT ,


represent what most of Portlanders think about their city.

It's the Bodanski crowd, the Mcain crowd, the Christian fundamentalist crowd, the Fox news crowd.

A scary bunch of people,
luckily they are out of power, at least for now,


"Whine whine whine...


Go Sam Go!

Just to watch these guys pulling out their hair is worth it!



Sunday, December 7, 2008

Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of happiness are American ideals.
~~>If you don't have a job and $$$ you have no LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and are unable to pursue much happiness.

One has to become independent, run their own business, invest, or otherwise become self sufficient and be able to step away from owing someone

~~>That's a very nice ideal, and unatainable for most Americans. However it does sound very good. As a matter of fact Adron, you may want to consider publishing American History books, since they  love to perpetuate this sort of 'myth'. I've owned several small businesses, to be honest, I'd rather drive a bus with health care, sick time, vacation time, and even some small money when I am old and decrepit.
Not too many people make it as Bill "the modern day robber barron" Gates has.

These myths are important for Americans. 

Sorta like the "Columbus discovered America" myth. (You see there were actually no people here already, cause they weren't really people)

And the "Thanksgiving" day myth, where all the lovely natives and settlers had one big old lovely time together. Of course they forgot to tell the rest of the tale, like the whole tribe that had partipated in that "feast" was wiped out 50 years later and the head of son of Massasoit, (chief of the tribe that had that feast) was put on a pole and displayed proudly for 10 years proclaiming something to the effect, WE HAVE DEFEATED OUR MORTAL ENEMIES, HERE IS THE HEAD OF THEIR CHIEF.

But the myths are good, gotta keep people believing in something.