Monday, April 22, 2013

TriMet's westside plans include more service to job centers in Hillsboro, as 'solar system' evolves |

TriMet's westside plans include more service to job centers in Hillsboro, as 'solar system' evolves |

While TriMet's MAX Blue Line runs deep into the city's core, bus service hasn't significantly changed since 1997, according to TriMet planners, before the light-rail trains hummed into downtown Hillsboro.
That is suck BS, they have cut so much service from the west side I can't believe they would make a statement like that. (actually of course I should believe they would make up something so absurd)

"You have to draw a new solar system," Rob Dixon, Hillsboro assistant city manager, said of bus service.
Well that's very cute of course.

But ever since Neil McFarlane joined the agency as general manager in 2010, the hand has been extended.

I know isn't he wonderful? Too bad he hates his retirees and is trying to starve them to death.

"It was just exciting to have the head of the agency acknowledge that the paradigm that most of the system was built on is not an accurate paradigm anymore," Dixon said.

Ya I'm so excited I can hardly sit in my chair!

TriMet has faced $56 million in budget shortfalls since 2008, and is battling with the Amalgamated Transit Union 757 on health benefits for employees.
We all knew this was coming. Instead of making pie in the sky plans why doesn't the fools that run Trimet get its house in order and stop with the false promises and disguised anti union propaganda. This i
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

TriMet proposes $2.1 million for bus 'service improvements' |

What you are witnessing in reality is Trimet's highly paid very expert public relations department trying to rehabilitate the shattered Trimet  executive image.

An image that was already dimly perceived by the public before the 'secret' executive raises.

The secret raises sunk the executive class in the eyes of the public.

What they are attempting to do now is rehabilitate that image, with Mcfarlane making various appearances at Transit centers, 'conference calls' 'finding money' to add services, declaring no fare increases next year, blah blah blah.

It's all a very carefully instrumented propaganda campaign.

These executives are the owners of Trimet, they do what they want. There is absolutely no accountability to the public there. When they want to raise fares and cut services they do it, when they don't want to do it they don't.

Anybody who has ever kept books and records know how easy it is to make things look the way you want them to, especially with a budget as huge and complicated at Trimet's.

And remember, the 'improvements' are all listed as 'potential' with very little meat.

Look at these proposals:

Slight increases in frequency to relieve passenger crowding on the No. 4 on weekends, the No. 12 on weekend evenings and the No. 33 on weekday evenings.
~~~>"slight' increases? Like one bus on a tripper?

Better connections and increased weekday frequency on the No. 47, with buses running to Portland Community College Rock Creek via Northwest 174th Avenue and Laidlaw Road, instead of running to Sunset Transit Center. Frequency would also improve between the Orenco/Northwest 231st Avenue MAX station and PCC Rock Creek.  
~~~>What the heck is that supposed to mean? English please.

More frequent rush-hour buses between the Sunset Transit Center and Northwest Stucki Avenue for the No. 48-Cornell.
~~~>Again, why nothing specific?

Midday express buses added and rush hour local buses added to the No. 94-Pacific Highway/Sherwood between the Tigard Transit Center and Sherwood to improve transfer connections.
`~~> Again, how many buses are we talking about? One extra bus, two, three. They are being dishonest by leaving out specifics

Time added to present trips to better match schedules with traffic conditions on weekdays and weekends on the No. 6-Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
~~~>Huh? Adding how many minutes on the schedule? One minute? 2? 3?

Service starting a half an hour earlier on weekday mornings on the No. 9-Powell and No. 21-Sandy/223rd Avenue.
~~~~>That's actually something specific, first one!

Minor weekday schedule adjustments to better match schedules with traffic conditions on the 10-Harold Street, 14-Hawthorne, 62-Murray Boulevard, 36-South Shore and 37-Lake Grove
~~~>Whatever that means

And the band played on  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TriMet's open MAX door: How the wrong word gave rise to online conspiracy theories |

TriMet's open MAX door: How the wrong word gave rise to online conspiracy theories |

The anonymous MAX FAQs blog, which apparently exists in part to promote the Amalgamated Transit Union 757’s myriad grievances with management, pushed even further. 

~~~>And this statement is just completely false. In every single news release Trimet sticks in its anti union propaganda. Is it so surprising that a blogger might take offense to that over and over and over and may try to hit back against that sort of onslaught?
You think that everyone who supports workers rights has some sort of hidden agenda?
Well you are wrong.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TriMet's open MAX door: How the wrong word gave rise to online conspiracy theories |

TriMet's open MAX door: How the wrong word gave rise to online conspiracy theories |

First of all this is a 'theory' not a fact. They could not recreate the event which leads me to believe that this is definitely not the proper explanation so they never should have even brought it up.

Secondly, if this was indeed the explanation and the ' corroded switch' was indeed the problem and all the doors are interconnected by one cable then why did all the other doors close down line from that door.

I still  think they made it up although I am glad it didn't come out of the blue completely.

That sort of incompetence is unreal but still, Aldesdt still made a major error in putting out that defective new release.

Of course since she works for Trimet she has no accountability for her actions, just like everybody else there.