Thursday, June 18, 2009

I appreciate that you took the time to come and ride Joseph. The point I was trying to make about Trimet and profit is this:

Plenty of people whine about their tax dollars going in to fund transit, which they don't use.

They think TRIMET should be privatized, a PROFIT MAKING company can do better.

Of course there would be virtually no service at all if a profit making company took control.

There would be no livable wage jobs, and sure as heck NO HEALTH INSURANCE.
No siree! This is America, the land of liberty, AND YOUR LUCKY TO HAVE A JOB WITH DECENT HEALTH INSURANCE.

And TRIMET gets blamed for the cost of its health insurance, AS IF ITS TRIMET'S FAULT THAT AMERICA'S HEALTH INSURANCE SYSTEM IS A FARCE!

Too much COST PER RIDER and all that associated nonsense that people like to throw around when they don't like something!

Well I don't want my tax money going to immoral wars, or the CIA, or the NSA, or foreign aid, but I don't get too choose where my tax money is spent.

The fact that any government money actually gets spent to help AMERICANS, makes some of the more fortunate Americans angry!

This is the kind of country we live in?

Free states, slave states, remember that?


(the only sane people are the ones that are crazy)

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