Monday, November 30, 2009


This incident was blown so far out of proportion in relation to the outcome that it proves that GEORGE ORWELL was correct when he wrote the book 1984.
The media is creating the news and thought control is a reality.
The kid was so CUTE that how could he ever be left on the train platform by the mean old train driver!
The father shares 1/2 responsibility for the mess!
But there is a much bigger agenda going on here, a hidden sneaky agenda.
This story came on the heels of a TV news reporter GOING TO THE HOME of a bus driver who took a few pictures while he sat at the wheel of the bus. THE HORROR! THE HORROR!
This bus driver was portrayed the way child molesters are portrayed.
In both incidents, NOTHING HAPPENED!
Nobody got hurt, no damage was done, IT WAS ALL MEDIA HYPE.
An Anti TRIMET and LABOR agenda.
All the pain and suffering going on in this country and PORTLAND and the media covers this nonsense.
Why not cover the HUNDREDS of abandoned children? Or the THOUSANDS of people that have no place to sleep?
No folks, don't be fooled by the manipulative media, there is no story here, just an agenda that nobody really wants to talk about.

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