Friday, August 23, 2013

Portland Transport: Comment Preview

Portland Transport: Comment Preview

divisive narratives about "bus vs. rail"

~~>Further thought about this leads me to comment additionally.

The 'bus vs rail' argument is in reality nothing to do with buses or rail. The fight that is going on here is about government technocrats forcing their agenda down the citizens throats. "bus vs Light rail" has become the metaphor for 'government vs the people', especially here in the northwest. Have you looked around lately? How many people are wandering around with nowhere to go? We citizens have no idea where those billions are actually going,into who's pockets that money is ending up. The attachment to the concept of light rail is all about the money, I am certain of that.

On the subject of "union vs. non-union employee" that fight is symptomatic of an 'entitled class' enriching itself on the labor of the working class. It's a righteous argument and its a fight that will have decades long consequences.

When you look behind the propaganda and the intentional 'divisiveness' what you end up seeing is that gubmint is not on the side of the citizens. Over a million a year dead on roadways and where is gubmint? What happened in Greece and Detroit is the harbinger of what gubmint (and its owners the banks) has in store for its citizenry. It ain't gonna be pretty.

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