Thursday, November 7, 2013

Transit Rider PDX

Transit Rider PDX

"""Sometimes the bus bridge is effective, such as when the person walked in front of the MAX train at Goose Hollow on Tuesday night."""
~~~>Saw more than a few tweets from riders who do not agree with you there.

"""This really ticks people off, because it makes it look like TriMet cares more about keeping the MAX system running than providing bus service."""
~~>Obviously that's true or they wouldn't be pulling buses of active routes!

""" But one of the public communications officers told me once that there is a great absenteeism problem with bus operators, making it impossible to pull enough people from the yard."""
~~~>Ridiculous typical Trimet modus operandi , blame it on the drivers. True moral is low, who wants to come to work for an organization that publicly says you are over compensated. I wouldn't come through for them if I worked there. Screw them.

"""This means having at least 3-4 buses and operators on call at all times to make this possible. (I don't want to hear any "we don't have the resources right now" stuff"""
~~~~>Absolutely. Trimet hires bureaucrat after bureaucrat after bureaucrat. They have lost all sense of priority and their goals are no longer consistent with running transit. There is absolutely no money crisis there its totally made up. They are a capital projects agency and they exist to enrich its executive class and to add to that classes empire. It's quiet disgraceful and even more disgraceful is that they continually get away with this.

There is one other thing you forgot to mention Patrick. Trimet is over extended. They are too big and too unwieldy. They have been unable to perfect their current operation yet they continue to expand. They are totally unaccountable for anything ever so what do you expect from them? There is no incentive to 'do the right thing', even if their latest slogan says that.

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