Saturday, December 7, 2013

Al Said Phoenix Has No Traffic Problems | Transit Sleuth

Al Said Phoenix Has No Traffic Problems | Transit Sleuth

When you say AL are you referring to me?
As a matter of fact if you remember I did as you suggested and researched more about Phoenix and found out they had a higher % of poverty citizens than Portland!
"AL" is not """Al is giving Portland crap about all sorts of stuff"""
Like what? I rant about Trimet management and the Goldschidt gang and the ridiculously high taxes here.,
I've got homeless people living behind my car while they put in a silly street car and talk about sustainability.
I rant about PORTLAND HYPOCRISY, the 'creative class' nonsense and the ridiculous obsession with bicycles because I find it ridiculous!

But Portland as a place to live? Maybe the last city in America that could be considered liveable if you just ignore everything else.

Portland is like Paris France. As long as you ignore the Parisians Paris is a wonderful city
Same thing here. Ignore all the stupidity weirdos and corruption  its a wonderful city!

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