Saturday, February 1, 2014

TriMet's managers, union need to step it up on rebuilding: Editorial Agenda 2014 |

TriMet's managers, union need to step it up on rebuilding: Editorial Agenda 2014 |

""" The agency's unfunded liability of $850-million-plus
to pay for the health benefits of current and future employees. The
debt, joined by the need to find another $274 million to pay pension
liabilities, looms menacingly,
undercutting the promise of a stable future."""

~~~>OK wonderful and the City of Portland has an unfunded liability of over $3 BILLION and I don't see you guys making a big deal over that! Why are there no editorials about that?

"""With cruel irony, the City of
Portland simultaneously polishes its green, mass-transit-happy reputation worldwide."""

~~~>Depending on which periodical you are reading the most credible worldwide articles give Portland a barely average rating.  The reputation you refer to is basically endless public relations campaigns which are bought by some media without question. When your walking around downtown Portland it appears that mass transit is on every street. But the further you go from the center of downtown the less and less transit is available. It's a good system for sure, but its not anywhere near world class standards.

"""But it also stressed that a corrosive
lack of trust between managers and the rank and file undercuts any
chance of achieving the kind of collaboration that will diminish fiscal

~~~>Let me explain as a former employee, Mr Mcfarlane came into power at Trimet with his "new sheriff in town" mentality and has been conducting a war against his employees since the day he arrived.

"""We couldn't have said it better. On the heels of an
audit requested by the 2013 Legislature, neither TriMet nor the ATU can claim
not to know precisely what needs to be done."""

~~~~>How bout this, instead of a management that continually thinks about how it can manufacture raises for itself how bout a management that gives back something. All I see from this management is self serving behavior at the expense of the employees and the riders.

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