Friday, January 2, 2015

Transit Rider PDX: Better Late Than Never

Transit Rider PDX: Better Late Than Never

I believe Trimet was 'shamed' into providing this to OPAL, who gets 100% credit for forcing this issue.
You neglected to mention the slam that Bethel took at OPAL, something I thought was offensive given the fact that the board stonewalled OPAL for years on this.
You also neglected to mention that Trimet, without doing an equity analysis, changed the transfer policy for weekend bus riders from 3 hours to two hours.

The FTA (always in cahoots with TRIMET) let Trimet off on a technicality on this but Trimet had to promise to never make a change like that again, ever!

Trimet has the most expensive bus fare in America right now. By doing away with the zones they effected a large fare increase on riders who travel short distance.
Where's the equity in that?

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