Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fred Hansen, where is your leadership?
You disappear during the worst storm in 75 years, you hand out money to bankrupt companies on the sly, now you hit us with this!

A real leader would have made the following statement.

"I regret that I have mishandled pubic funds at the same time that payroll taxes have taken a steep drop, so today I and all of my executive staff are taking 8% cut in our huge salaries. "

"All of our unnecessary expenses are being eliminated. 25% of supervisory staff is now going go get out from behind their desks or trucks and start providing direct services to our riding public either as rail or bus operators."

"Over the past 3 years we have hired many extra assistant station managers who will now be let go. There will be one station manager who will take over all the business of each garage and will no longer be attending any career enhancement seminars."

"We will no longer create shifts for our operators that cause them to fall into physical distress attempting to meet work hours that no human being should be expected to attempt which then leads operators to sick leave.

"Scheduling will be informed to create schedules that will allow operators to function in a healthy environment so as reduce sick leave.

"We will slash our wasteful overtime practices by re devising our methods of filling runs."

"We will immediately institute a hiring freeze on non essential personnel, which includes everyone but bus and rail operators."

"The training department will be cut by 1/2 and those people will once again be serving the public."

"After we have done all of these things, we will look to reducing service to the citizens themselves."

That's what a real leader would do.

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