Thursday, February 19, 2009

First of all, BODANSKI is generally a blowhard. Occasionally he makes some sense, in this case for example.

I agree with the point that all building must cease and desist until the money situation stabilizes.

You cannot build on one hand and cut services on the other. The absurdity of that should be obvious.

The first places that should have gotten bailout funds were the transit authorities around America.
Another in a long list of federal failures

In the long run its cheaper for TRIMET to operate rail vs bus. Basically because they don't need so many employees to run it. (Although most of the world is turning to bus rapid transit vs fixed rail). Of course if there is a problem along the rail line so much for your wonderful mass transit system.

The 'ego' factor is a real syndrome. Developers will build on rail lines, but not on bus lines. American's will ride rail, but not bus. (with those people)

Now as far as TRIMET not getting enough passenger revenue to support itself, this argument is a red herring. Transit is a PUBLIC SERVICE, something the government should provide its citizens, like the police and fire departments.

Neither the police or fire departments generate any revenue from the clients they serve, yet nobody says a thing about it.

If transit is expected to be self supporting so should the police and fire. A fee for service.
Investigation of murder, lets say $100k up front. House fire, you must show a credit card when the fire truck shows up or too bad your house must be left to burn. We at the fire department must be self supporting.

The anti transit crowd has some sort of special phobia just for transit agencies. The fact that anybody rides transit irks these people. These are the Rush Limbaugh crowd, the ones married to that failed ideology that got us into this mess!

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