Sunday, March 1, 2009

Y'all are ALL on the wrong track, you're not even close to why this is happening!

Blaming the immigrants is the easy thing to do.

Remember when Hitler blamed the Jews?
Well your doing the same thing with the immigrants.
This crisis is not because of them.

It's because of corrupt banks, corrupt Banking institutions such as the Federal Reserve, and ILLEGAL IMMORAL wars being waged WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS that could be used here.

Get out of IRAQ, get out of AFGHANISTAN, close down all the military bases in foreign lands, end of economic crisis, didn't any of you listen to RON PAUL?

End enforcement of victimless crimes such as drug laws, make drugs legal and taxable, AND MONEY WILL BE FLOWING ONCE AGAIN.

But as you have all proved, AMERICANS are an ignorant bunch, trying to find blame where there is no blame, and ignoring the root causes of all this mess.

It's sad.

This stimulus is nothing more than the same sham as the the savings and loan bailout was.


Can't you see that?

You sit at your keyboards whining about Nancy Pelosi when the truth is she is no better or worse than GEORGE BUSH!

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