Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let’s Talk About Cost of Commute, Transit & Trimet Fares | Transit Sleuth

Let’s Talk About Cost of Commute, Transit & Trimet Fares | Transit Sleuth

As I said on the Facebook, my main objection to Trimet fares is lack of an affordable pass.
I also objected to the way Trimet handled this last fare increase, basically forcing everyone into the previous 'all zone' ticket, which itself was raised 10 cents. That was a 20% increase for riders only using Trimet for short distances.

The other reason I have a problem with the 'high' fares is the amount of transit money that is going to the employees, both union and non union. Everybody involved with transit in the USA is making a great living with the executive class retiring with actual riches. Fred Hansen left Trimet after a little more than 10 years with a pension of $16,000/mo. While the press doesn't cover it this is the type of obscenity that has lead to excessive fares on Trimet. Trimet employs seventy six  $100k+  executive positions.  All of those people will retire with huge pensions. My point, people are getting rich while the lower socioeconomic riders foot the bill.

All of THESE cities have an affordable pass, Trimet does not unless you are HC or a student high school or lower.

Nobody argues that transit is cheaper than driving, however, does your time have value? I used Trimet for years to get to and from work. One day I got sick and decided to drive rather than take transit. I got home a full hour faster than when I was taking transit. I never took transit again after that. I realized my time was more valuable than the money I was saving taking transit. The other problem with transit is (unless u live and work in the downtown core) is that you are a prisoner to it. As in you have to schedule your time to be at the stop before the train (in my case) gets there. I found myself rushing to make the train. Then when the train got to Jen-Weld the 15 bus had gone by just 2 minutes before. Transit is highly inconvenient.

Last but not least is the one event that proved to me that owing a car is important.
Hurricane Katrina is the example. All the people that were transit dependent got left behind during the evacuation. And we know how that story ended.

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