Sunday, July 7, 2013

TriMet's audit, a 'full-body X-ray' of finances and operations, will help set things straight |

TriMet's audit, a 'full-body X-ray' of finances and operations, will help set things straight |

The agency's unfunded liability for health care and pension benefits already promised to workers approaches $1 billion. That's a lot of bus fare on a network of routes sharply cut back to save money.

Lets get this into perspective, the 'unfunded liability' (which was intentionally created due to the negligence of both the Trimet board and the Trimet management) is less than the cost of a silly light rail line to Milwaukie that was not needed. So you want to talk numbers and scale how but comparing apples to apples.

And Rose followed up with the disclosure that TriMet's general manager, Neil McFarlane, had tapped into a $20 million rainy day fund to give raises to top managers and nonunion personnel -- this with the approval of the agency's board, which saw fit to give McFarlane a raise, and this as the cash-strapped agency jacked up bus and train fares.
Financially speaking, however, that's small pickin's.

"Small pickins" huh? That one million dollars hidden from the public view while that arrogant general manager was yacking how he hadn't had a raise in 4 years is in perpetuity. That's one million every single year from this point on. To represent it as small pickin's is downright dishonest say nothing of the fact they evaded public process which in my feeling is criminal behavior

At least make some attempt to be fair on the issue, your attempt to influence public opinion is obvious.

Plenty of people think the whole audit is a 'whitewash' since its being done by Oregon technocrats all of whom have connections to each other.

I have my doubts that it will be anything other than another white wash.

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