Friday, October 11, 2013

Joseph Rose: Why won't TriMet use double decker buses? |

Joseph Rose: Why won't TriMet use double decker buses? |

"""By the way, TriMet is working on plans to restore some frequent bus service (every 15 minutes) in March."""
~~~>FREQUENT service, is NOT every 15 minutes, its actually every 8 MINUTES or less. The word is being misused here in Portland, as usual. You have 15 minute service and one drops out, well now its 1/2 hour for the next bus, IF IT'S ON TIME and that is not frequent service. FREQUENT SERVICE means you NEVER wait more than 15 minutes for a bus, even if one drops out.

All they really need is to bring back those articulated buses, BENDY BUSES as they are called in jolly old England. That would relieve overcrowding and prevent pass ups which are common now.

""" As it comes together like a $134 million piece of Ikea furniture""
~~~>How things look here in Portlandia is important, that is true. The tourists magazines write lots and lots of nice stuff about how a place looks and that will definatley help Portlandia's image with the tourist crowd which is so vital to Portland policy makers. (we don't need to mention the fact that 88% of people in Portland will probably never use it, it still looks good)

""""we definitely took emergency vehicles into consideration," says Roberta Altstadt, an agency spokeswoman. "The bridge was designed and is being built so it is accessible to fire trucks and other emergency response vehicles.""""
~~~>Thank god for that! Are they sure the Coast Guard has approved the height limits this time?

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