Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TriMet secret pay raises: After controversy, non-union workers will have to wait until next year |

TriMet secret pay raises: After controversy, non-union workers will have to wait until next year |

"""In March, an investigation by The Oregonian found that TriMet's General Manager Neil McFarlane dipped into a rainy day fund to pay for $910,000 in non-union raises, even as he supported cutting service and raising fares."""
~~~>That's proof positive that Mcfarlane is not being truthful when he is telling the public about the financial state of Trimet. He said the agency was going broke but at the exact same time he gave himself a raise. The man and all of his cronies should have been fired right there, but this is Portland, where this kind of corruption seems to be a standard.

"""On Wednesday, Randy Stedman, the agency's executive director of human resources and labor relations, presented a report outlining how an improving economy and "below market" pay, among other things, has accelerated turnover.""""
~~~>First of all, Steadman was hired by Mcfarlane so Mcfarlane would not have to get his hands dirty. Steadman is Mcfarlanes hatchet man so you shouldn't be quoting Steadman, its Mcfarlane that tells him what to do.
SECONDLY....the concept of 'below market' is false. Trimet is not a 'market based' business. It would not exist at all without government subsidy. There was at one time an element of ALTRUISM in providing public service, not any longer apparently.  There is no 'market' for government employees. If they can do better in the private sector than go do it. Public should not have to foot the bill for this so called 'talent' (BS)

This is an affront to everybody, riders and union employees. None of those people in the office have to wait 30 years to get Christmas off with their families. None of those people get up in the wee hours or stay up till the latest at night to get the job done. None of those people risk getting stabbed or attacked at their jobs.

Once again we see a blatant attack on union employees, they get 'too much' but the non union employees 'get too little'
It's just disgraceful

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