Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I find it pretty funny indeed how the anti Trimet crowd keeps popping up on the various blogs always with the same tiresome argument:

"A tragedy of public financing of transit, is that increased ridership does not naturally lead to more service due to fares representing less than 50% of the 'cost' of the ride."

These folks never seem to have any problem with billions of dollars being spent to bailout CEO's of the banking industry, or trillions being wasted on immoral wars waged by private mercenary armies.

ON NO, they pick on TRANSIT as their big anti government issue.

Why should any citizen actually get any sort of subsidy from the federal government.

How dare we subsidize any sort of movement for people that cannot afford to purchase, insure, and maintain their own private vehicles.

These are the same people who voted for McCain. These are the same people who in a past generation were the "anti abolitionists".

It's pathetic.

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