Thursday, November 13, 2008

"My opinion is that the bus driver is the enforcer. No ticket? No ride. Smoking? No ride."

-->Well that's all very nice and dandy!
Right, the unarmed bus driver, strapped into his seat, with a passenger towering over him, will be the enforcer. Sorry, but I am not taking my life into my hands over this stuff, take your problems up with the ADA or the unenforceable ticket/transfer/zone/fare structure. The only people that can enforce anything are the ARMED POLICE!

"The Operator’s #1 job is to operate the bus safely and professionally. They don’t have the time, training, or necessary backup to enforce the rules"

--->ERIK always seem to understand the way things REALLY ARE!
"Not sure what TriMet can do about this, but some type of solution should be arrived at."

---->They could do something about it, they don't want too. It's easier to say:
"The fare inspectors, the field supervisors and transit police are responsible for enforcement system wide."

--->Rail rider provides the correct answer to the question
"I still put my foot down about some things, but I had to do it carefully; there is nothing there to back a bus driver up."

--->My technique is to put my head down and shut the bus off and pretend I am having a heart attack, it works wonderfully in shutting people up.
"Apparently that is Tri-Met’s version of “enforcement” nowadays."

--->That has ALWAYS been the TRIMET version of enforcement.


They need to have "teams" of enforcement personnel available to respond, IMMEDIATELY, to incidents, fare evasions, altercations etc. 1/2 the time they don't even answer the call for help, so as far as I am concerned, I am alone, without help, so if you think I am going to risk my life for this absurd crap, FOGETABOUTIT!

I'm sick of this absurd ADA, its time to bring some sanity back into our lives.

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