Friday, January 24, 2014

Lane Jensen Given Suspended Sentence for Harassing TriMet Spokeswoman

Lane Jensen Given Suspended Sentence for Harassing TriMet Spokeswoman

""Altstadt testified during this morning's sentencing hearing, saying Jensen's 31 text messages made her fear for her safety. ""

~~~> BS her never made one threat against her, trumped up BULLSHIT

"""His plea deal means prosecutors dropped 30 other counts of telephonic
harassment—one for each text he sent to the spokeswoman. Each charge
carried a maximum sentence of six months and a $2,500 fine.""

~~~>Prosecutorial  abuse if there ever was. If you don't take the 'deal' you could spend 15 years in prison. And they call it the "justice" system. What a joke1

""""He chose to laugh about it and say the agency was scared of him,"
Altstadt said. "I on my own decided to confront him. There was no
conspiracy here, just me trying to protect myself.""

~~~> I don't believe for a second that she decided on her own to confront him, no way. I also don't recall he 'laughing' about it although I do recall him saying the agency was 'scared of him' I always reminded him that Trimet was never scared of any of the bloggers, we are a minor irritation at most.

""" During the sentencing hearing, prosecutors painted Jensen as a stalker
who orchestrated an Internet bullying campaign through his blog.""

~~~>WRONG! All he wanted was answers to his questions. Deliberate distortion.

""Lopez appeared scornful of Jensen throughout the hearing, comparing him
to a blogger who had run an extortion site where he accused people of
having sexually-transmitted diseases."""

~~~Jesus Christ, this judge is off the wall. That is absurd, what a ludicrous comment to make.

"""Mr. Jensen, you seem to enjoy being bathed in public attention," Lopez said. "You have my attention. What do you want to say?""

~~~Yes Lane enjoyed that, so what?

I'm going to request the audio of this hearing and post it too my blog, I wanna hear for myself how all this was represented.

Thanks Aaron Mesh for doing such a great job covering this story and the implications it may have had.

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