Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lane Jensen Given Suspended Sentence for Harassing TriMet Spokeswoman

Lane Jensen Given Suspended Sentence for Harassing TriMet Spokeswoman

""Jensen published hate-filled intense YouTubes against me, "I'm gonna
make you go crazy!" At Center Street he yelled "I'm gonna get you!"
There were a series of You Tubes he photoshopped."""

~~~>Come on that video was laughable, I thought it was hilarious you actually thought it was scary? Gettoutta here!

 """The threat was implied, just as Roberta Altstadt's threat was implied.
It's the behavior for us that BECOMES THE THREAT! For her they pulled
out Cyberbully laws. For me it was go fuck yourself.""

~~~>I can't disagree with you there

"""The fear I went through was being a target of rage and instability from a
complete stranger. My fear escalated because of long ongoing cyber
stalking/bully and workplace bully attacks from Al Margulies Rantings
Blog who was mentoring Jensen. Margulies and Jensen are of the "us
against them" mindset"""

~~~>Interesting analysis  indeed.  REMEMBER FOLKS THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY and Ellen has her side which she fondly embellishes and turns innocent circumstances into heinous crimes.

You need to be aware that Ellen sued me twice, each time for $7500. In the first suit she got $100 for her trouble and she was admonished for continuing to file suits against me.

Listen for yourself the judge make the ruling in the first case. The judge found she was full of shit just like her post here is mostly shit.


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