Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Cancel all those "pet projects" that you have had brewing for years. The "bridge over nothing", the "Hotel Eastside", the "Streetcar for the Rich but doesn't move people"..."

~~>Amen brother Amen, says it all! They don't have the equipment cause they want other things in this city.

"All the bike boxes were plowed and sanded, as were the streets in front of the illegal alien day-labor center and the world's most expensive porta-potty. Hats off to Randy and the mayor!"

~~>nah, that's not true is it? Nah, can't be right?

"We dont salt because we dont want to hurt the salmon lol???????????? In the meantime the next major rain storm there will be turds floating the willamette and you better stay away for a couple days due to the overflow."

~~>WHAT A GREAT COMMENT!!! LOL!!!LOL!!! Aint it da truth!

"Portland is the perfect example of a left-wing city that literally taxes the hell out of you while you get virtually nothing for your "contribution to society."

~~~>There is quite a bit of truth in that statement.

"For supposed right-wing conservatives, a group that used to be known for a "take care of yourself" and "anti-big-government" attitude, you sure have become a bunch of "entitlement" whiners. Shame on you. Pull up your bootstraps and grab a shovel like the rest of us."


"It resembles charity that spends 99% on the administration expenses and only 1% goes to the poor. "


TRIMET does a great disservice to the public by not making it clear that YOUR BUS MIGHT NOT SHOW UP AT ALL! "Expect 30 minute delays" is not the appropriate language to be putting out on the media.

TRIMET is not reponsible for the poorly maintained roads and can't be blamed for the bus service breaking down.

The City of Portland is inept at handling routine infrastructure problems, but great at throwing money at pork barrel project that serve only a select few of the population.

Hell Portland can't even fix the potholes, what makes you think they are capable of plowing the streets.

One of the more notorious reporters AMY RUIZ, just got appointed to Sam Adams staff as: STRATEGIC PLANNING AND SUSTAINABILITY POLICY ADVISOR.

Probably pays 85K with full benefits, retirement, etc.

Portland concentrates on the stuff that nobobdy actually needs.

King Luis put it the best; LET EM EAT CAKE. (we all know what happened to King Luis).

It would have been an obvious solution to PLOW ALL THE ROADS THAT THE BUSES USE.

Why they didnt do that?

Who knows.

They probably don't talk to each other.

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