Sunday, December 7, 2008

Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of happiness are American ideals.
~~>If you don't have a job and $$$ you have no LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and are unable to pursue much happiness.

One has to become independent, run their own business, invest, or otherwise become self sufficient and be able to step away from owing someone

~~>That's a very nice ideal, and unatainable for most Americans. However it does sound very good. As a matter of fact Adron, you may want to consider publishing American History books, since they  love to perpetuate this sort of 'myth'. I've owned several small businesses, to be honest, I'd rather drive a bus with health care, sick time, vacation time, and even some small money when I am old and decrepit.
Not too many people make it as Bill "the modern day robber barron" Gates has.

These myths are important for Americans. 

Sorta like the "Columbus discovered America" myth. (You see there were actually no people here already, cause they weren't really people)

And the "Thanksgiving" day myth, where all the lovely natives and settlers had one big old lovely time together. Of course they forgot to tell the rest of the tale, like the whole tribe that had partipated in that "feast" was wiped out 50 years later and the head of son of Massasoit, (chief of the tribe that had that feast) was put on a pole and displayed proudly for 10 years proclaiming something to the effect, WE HAVE DEFEATED OUR MORTAL ENEMIES, HERE IS THE HEAD OF THEIR CHIEF.

But the myths are good, gotta keep people believing in something.

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