Friday, December 26, 2008

"I'm not here to make any excuses," Adams said. But he noted that the city had a small fleet of about 50 snowplows -- compared with 92 in Spokane, which is about half the size of Portland."

~~>What does this tell you about Portland Government?

"My hope is that we will be able to find the resources to cover this cost with the revenues we do have," he said."

~~>Don't come running to the public for your lame public policy planning, ITS MISMANAGEMENT as usual.

"The let-it-thaw approach does not extend to residents who still are obligated by city ordinance to clear their sidewalks"

~~>Its quite something to observe how good our beloved city government is at telling us what to do but at the same time THEY HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY!


~~>Gone fishing obviously. Why did he even run for mayor I wonder?

"Sub it out to small businesses which need a boost anyway."


"Why doesn't Adams propose to spend the city's $2Million and buy Portlanders shovels. Or, Portland could recycle our old yellow recycling bins--just slap a handle on them and melt the 1 million or so bins we all now have in our garages"

~~~>LOL!!!!!LOL!!!! To funnyyyyyyyyyyy!

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