Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{“This is one of those ‘lessons learned,’ ” said Steve Banta, the regional transit agency’s executive director of operations.}

Some of you folks may have already forgotten that we had a similar storm in 2004. That was when the lesson's were supposed to be learned.

We have a similar line (we will conduct a formal "lessons learned") from FRED HANSEN himself in his WES debacle.

FRED, you've had 11 years to learn your lessons.

If you haven't learned them by now your never going to learn them.


There is no accountability and perhaps TRIMET can continue in its bumbling ways.

We have a bumbling Governor who is supposed to be in charge of these things, all he is interested in is giving himself a raise and raising our fees to pay for it.

TRIMET puts all its eggs into rail, then rail fails and bus bails it out.

What's wrong with that picture?
"All of the big companies that inhabited Downtown Portland like Willamette Industries, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, Hyster, Evans Products, Albina Fuel, Columbia Sportswear, KPTV/KPDX, US Bank Operations Center, Bank of Hong Kong and even Pamplin Media Group have left the City of Portland in the last 20 years"

~~>MARK-they are not just leaving Portland, THEY HAVE LEFT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

"You don't have to look very far for a source that operating costs for light rail are lower than buses."

~~~>Your not including the capital costs to put the thing in of course!

"Railcars may last a little longer, but they cost ten times as much to buy. And rail maintenance is far more expensive, whereas buses share the cost of road maintenance with autos and trucks."

~~~>There ya go, thank you!

"To "just some facts", I have noticed that "al m" doesn't pay attention to facts--he just enjoys spouting his frequently uninformed opinion."

~~~>Thank you Jane, I always enjoy the wonderful compliments that I get over at this blog! Please, continue showering me with them! I LOVE IT!

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