Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Cheers for commentators:

"Centennial Neighbor"


"Bill loves it"





BOO’S for commentators;

"truthspeaker" [interesting choice of a blog title, given the word seems to mean so little to you]

"aloycius" [ a very large hiss for you]

"Chris McMullen"[the free market has worked extremely well don’t you agree, just think, without the unions you could still employ ten year olds for $1 a day]

"UB" [is there some particular reason you write in a comic book style, perhaps to make your already ludicrous and funny comments even funnier?]

"Sizemore Fan" [no additional comment needed]

"Chris "[must be related to chris mullen]


Good riddance Sizemore the opportunist. Reminds me of Jim and Tammy Baker, anything for a buck.

Sizemore as a true blue American, found a cause and turned it into his own personal goldmine.

Never for a minute did he care about the principle of the thing, he just cared about the money.

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